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We strive to exceed expectations for an exclusive group of private clients. We do so by following strategies that have been refined over the past 30 years.

Angelus Capital is a private equity firm headquartered in Austin, Texas. We use three decades of market knowledge and modern financial instruments as integral components of our proprietary portfolio strategy.

Our core values are what set us apart:

  • Education

    We believe in a strong wealth management curriculum, this assures that our clients are well informed about investments.

  • Services

    We leverage modern financial vehicles and platforms to support our clients in reaching their monetary objectives.

  • Investments

    We focus our efforts on vibrant growth sectors such as domestic energy and multi-family real estate projects.

Where we focus

Domestic Energy (Oil & Gas)

We participate in the rapidly growing energy industry by selectively targeting projects with higher production potential.

Multi-Family Real Estate

We target undervalued properties with a potential for capital appreciation and stable cash flow projections.

How we execute


We perform due diligence on opportunities that conform to our strict criteria and standards.


Our objective is to purchase all selected projects on favorable terms and at below-market prices.


We renovate, upgrade and develop each opportunity with the goal of adding value, stability and cash flow.

The Partners

Paul W. Haarman

Paul W. Haarman, co-founder and managing partner of The Angelus Group, is a seasoned private equity investor, wealth advisor, and entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience in high-net-worth wealth blueprinting.

Paul’s past designations include: Registered Financial Consultant (RFC), Certified Wealth Preservation Planner (CWPP), Registered Mortgage Advisor (RMA), and Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist (CMPS). He has also produced and hosted a weekly radio show, The Shift Economy, on Austin’s Talk Radio 1370. Paul’s mission is to foster financial literacy. His visionary perspective on wealth management makes him one of the most sought-after financial advisors in the industry.

Paul Haarman
Patrick Duke

Patrick E. Duke

Patrick E. Duke, co-founder and managing partner of The Angelus Group, was previously founder, president, and managing director of Duke Capital Management and president of Lone Star Builders. In the latter role, he used his Certified Real Estate Appraisal training to acquire, renovate or sell more than $100 million in Texas multi-family properties.

Before that, as CEO of Ameracall and National Wireless, Patrick revolutionized the marketing of wireless services for Southwestern Bell, Century, Cellunet, and Bell South. As their largest agent, he delivered more than 10,000 customers per month. He also has extensive experience in negotiating public-switched telephone (PSTN) agreements. As an investment banker for Sun Technologies, Patrick was responsible for developing and managing market targeted acquisitions totaling more than $200 million in various technology sectors.

Our Leadership

Andrew Green

Andrew Green

SVP Real Estate Division

Andrew heads commercial property development, expensing, construction and personnel management.

Christian Moore

Christian Moore

SVP Technology Division

Christian specializes in the discovery and incubation of existing or emerging technology companies.

Cindy Hosek

Cindy Hosek

Chief Financial Officer

Cindy oversees all project accounting, compliance, financial reporting and internal fiscal controls.

Lynn Stokes

Lynn Stokes

VP Client Relations

Lynn facilitates efficient relationships between clients, institutions, and related organizations.

Kelvin Ching

Kelvin Ching

Director of Client Strategy

Kelvin works directly with our global community of clients to facilitate planning and strategic positioning.

Fred Sarhadi

Fred Sarhadi

VP Information Technology

Fred is responsible for oversight and design of our internal information and security systems.

Featured Companies

Domestic Energy - Montgomery Energy

Montgomery Energy

An oil and gas enterprise located primarily in East Texas and central Louisiana.

Domestic Energy - Palo Pinto Oil & Gas

Palo Pinto Oil & Gas

A West Texas natural gas development company operating in Palo Pinto County.

Domestic Energy - Bakken Resources

Bakken Resources

An oil enterprise focused on Eastern Montana, Western North, and South Dakota.

Domestic Energy - APEG Energy

APEG Energy L.P.

A fund investment model for acquiring domestic energy assets with a focus on oil & gas.

Real-Estate - Verandas at Berkman

Verandas at Berkman

A condominium complex with 40 units located near downtown Austin, Texas.

Real-Estate - Verandas at Cancun

Verandas at Cancun

An apartment complex with 320 units in the Spring Ranch area of Houston, Texas.

Real-Estate - Verandas at Timberledge

Verandas at Timberledge

An apartment complex with 160 units in the Bear Creek area of Houston, Texas.

Real-Estate - Verandas at Uptown

Verandas at Uptown

A condominium complex with 80 units in up-and-coming North Austin, Texas.

Strategic Diversity

"Diversity is the art of thinking independently together." - Malcolm Forbes

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